Testimonials – Thank You Donors

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From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for people like you.  Thank your for your kindness and generosity.  It is very much appreciated.  What a blessing ya’ll have been!  This is a small token of thanks for your part in these students journey that will ripple far into the future.  – Diane Owen, Talent Search TRiO Counselor at Ryan High School

Thank you for the opportunity of having a laptop to help me with college.  Also, for helping others to have what they need to succeed in college.  I already had the opportunity to use it for writing papers in school, and am looking forward to the many benefits of having it for college! – CC

I just wanted to say thank you for being generous enough to award me int eh laptop scholarship.  It means so much and has already been a really great help to me in applying for scholarships and working through other things for college next year.  So again, thanks so much! – ED

I would like to say how grateful I am to receive my first scholarship!  Thank you so much for the laptop.  It is very useful so far and can’t wait to start college.  Thank you so much for this opportunity. – EC

I wanted to express my appreciation in writing for the effort you put in to give me the opportunity to win a laptop. I will never forget to be grateful for having earned this gift through hard work.  This gift will not only serve as a motivator for me to continue excelling in my studies but also as a reminder to express what kindness I can to others around me.  As for an update on my education:  I have been admitted to the University of Texas and accepted to their business school.  Thank you again for the laptop, and I wish you the best.  P.S. I admired how close you associated yourself with Denton in your speech.  – AA

I would like to thank you for providing me with the gift of a lifetime.  The time and money you took and spent to make us keep pushing forward in our studies, it was a true blessing, and I thank you for that.  I promise to keep moving forward with the use of the laptop, it is one thing to cross off my list of needs.  I hope you keep doing what you are doing, trying to help us young  children in achieving our goals.  It’s because of people like you that this world grows better each day.  Once again, thank you for the laptop and God bless you.  – KM


Helping is fun! Attend Denton Evening Rotary’s Winter Warmer on Saturday March 7, 2020

We call it GUERRILLA DO-GOODING… and you can help us out and have a lot of fun while doing it at the Denton Evening Rotary’s 3rd Annual Winter Warmer on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Denton County Brewing Co. and the Bearded Monk.  Each $10 donation at the event or pre-event ticket sales (email uptop.contact@gmail.com for advance purchase) gets you food and a beer from either Denton County Brewing Co. or the Bearded Monk.  There will be music all day, tee shirts, give aways, and more.  Last year was a blast and we raised enough money to award 46 laptops.  This year will be even better!

We are just local people combining forces to do a little good for some local students who could use a little help from the community as they wrap up their senior year in high school and head to college.

There is a lot of negativity in the world.  Be a part of something really positive here at the local level.

The more we raise the more students we can help!

NT Daily Feature on UpTop

October 21, 2017

The NT Daily featured this article on UpTop Denton.  We sincerely appreciate their interest and coverage of our efforts.  This article includes interviews from Diane Owen (director of the Talent Search program at Ryan High School), Estella Chacon (2017 Ryan High School Graduate, UpTop Laptop Recipient, currently a student at UTA), and Chris Briggs (founder/director of UpTop Denton).


About the Talent Search Program at Ryan High School and UpTop

uptop note from dowens

The following is a note from Diane Owen, M.Ed., LPC and Talent Search TRiO Counselor at Ryan High School and University of North Texas TRiO Programs:

Talent Search is a college-prep program that is federally funded through the Department of Education and seeks to support primarily low-income/first generation students in pursuing education after high school.  Students must be college-bound and have an minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 by the senior year to remain active.

Students are identified by teachers and counselors as having potential for college and during the school year meet individually and in small groups for college preparation workshops. These workshops include such topics as:  academic skill development; course selection; ACT/SAT admissions test preparation; career, college, and major exploration; building a resume; and more!  Students are also given opportunities each year to attend field trips to visit colleges in Texas and Oklahoma.  Some of these are day trips and some overnight to those outside the DFW area.  In the senior year students spend an average of 10-20 hours each with the counselor in individual and group sessions completing paper work for college applications, scholarships, housing, and financial aid.  100% of the seniors in Talent Search are accepted by at least one college.

Many, if not most of these students are not able to attend their “dream college” due to financial limitations.  Even if they get accepted and are awarded federal and state grants, the rising cost of tuition limits access to some of the larger and/or private and more competitive colleges – especially if they are not good standardized test takers and don’t meet the high requirements on ACT/SAT tests for the higher dollar institutional scholarships.  With the rising tuition, housing, books, and other expenses – laptops are typically a luxury they cannot afford even if they attend locally.

UpTop’s initiative to partner with the Talent Search college-prep program at Ryan by awarding laptops to students identified as having the greatest need through a scholarship and essay process is one more bridge to assist these students in their post-secondary education success!  The students are very excited about the UpTop Laptop Scholarships and are busy completing college applications and FAFSAs to meet eligibility requirements for applying!